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<£>-5 'OF THE- — rJ 

Thirteenth Annual Session 

c OF r THE -)£■ » 

Baptist Association, 


Antioch Baptist Church, 

October 5th, 6th and 7th, 1915. 

The next session will be held with the First Baptist 
Church, Rich Square, N. C; , beginning- Wednesday after 
the First Sunday in October. 1916. 


^ JJ 

^^mmammammmtmmtmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmiBmmmmmmmmmmimmmamm mm « ■■■■ ^ 

TUESDAY— Morning Session. 

The Beulah Baptist Association met with the Antioch Baptist 
Church, Boon's Cross Roads, Northampton Co., N. C. in its 
Thirteenth Annual Session Tuesday, October 5th, 1915. Rev. 
K. S. Jacobs, presiding, Devotionals were conducted by Revs. 
K. N. Grant and W. G. Thomas, Rev. Thomas lined and led in 
singing hymn 269 Rev. Grant read 23rd. Psalm of David and 
led in prayer. Second hymn sung was 402, after giving a few 
words of advice the Moderator considered it fitting for the 
brethren to engage in praise service for thirty minutes after 
which the list of churches was called and the names of deleg- 
ates enrolled as follows: 
Antioch— Wm. Wall. 

First Baptist Rich Square — G. G. Magette, Thomas Hill. 
First Baptist Conway — H. World. 
Second Baptist Potecasi — W. T. Joyner, Lee Boon. 
Second Baptist Creeksville, — W. J. Easom, Amos Manley. 

Branches Chapel — J. W. Ellett, Odom. 

Nebo Chapel— L. B. Boon, H. D. Manning. 

Chapel Hill — Wm. Brewer. 

Hill's Chapel -M. D. Durham, C. Whitehead. 

Boon's Chapel — Thomas Sykes. 

Patillo's Chapel -A. S. Patillo. 

Piney Grove— L. Plummer, J. Jordan. 

Canaan — M. N. Zollicoffer. 

Roanoke Salem — A. N. Rice, Wm. Weaver. 

Missouri — W. B. Rook, J. Jones. 

Zoar— L. J. Day, N. T. Calvert, 

Among the visitors there were Prof. J. J. Leveston, Shaw 
University, Raleigh, N. C. Rev. M. Sweatt, Rev. T. D. Jones 
Rev. C. W. Ivey of the Neuse River Association Revs. Loves- 
bon and Jones made pleasant remarks in our behalf and prog- 
ress and wished us well. The appointment of committees was 
now made. The committee on Hours of Meeting submitted 
the following: Meet at 9:30 a. m. adjourn at 12:30 p. m. re-as- 
semble at 2 p- m. Rev. P. A. Bishop spoke a few minutes in 
the interest of his paper, a collection of $3.25 was taken up 
and the morning session stood adjourned. 

TUESDAY — Afsernoon Session. 

The Association re-assembled at 2 p. ni. Devotionals con- 
ducted by Revs. W. C. Mingie and T. 0. Bryant. Rev. Mingie 
led in singing hymn 543, Rev. Bryant read the 13th chapter of 
Corinthians, Rev. Mingie offered prayer. Second hymn sung 

"The Beulah Land" The minutes of the forenoon session 
were read and approved. The pastor now made a brief but 
cordial welcome address to his church and community, it was 
responded to by Mr. G. P. Burgwyn in behalf of the white 
people of Jackson and surrounding community in such a con- 
genial and loving, supported by many apt scriptual references 
which reflected the spirit of the Lord prevailing between the 
two races. The Moderator requested Rev. Sills to respond, - 
who assured the gentleman that we would in every way con- 
duct ourselves becomming our calling. 

The committee on officers submitted their report which was 
received and adopted. Rev. M. J. Johnson assisted by Rev. 
Wm. Turner now prceeded to preach the Annual Sermon 
Hymn 414 was lined und sung, the 7th chapter of Proverbs 
was read, prayer led by Rev. Turner. Rev. Johnson selected 
as the subject of his discourse from the 26th verse of the 
first chapter of the Colloseans. He handled his subject 
in a masterly way and commanded the attention of those who 
heard him at the close of his sermon Rev. T. D. Jones led in 
a fervent prayer. The committee on New Churches presented 
Chapel Grove for membership which was received and the 
right hand of fellowship extended to its messenger, Bro. W. M. 
Day. Collection $3.55. Benediction by Rev. N. H. Harrison. 

WEDNESDAY- Morning Session. 

The Association met at 10:20 a. m. Devotionals conducted 
by Revs. T. D. Jones and C. T. Vaughan, hymn 522 was lined 
and sung, 19th, division of Psalms was read by Rev. Vaughan 
prayer led by Rev. Jones, "Ask me not gentle Savior" was 
sung, the minutes of the previous afternoon session were 
read and arrested with the correction of changing the initials 
to the name of Rev. Jones, and objection made by Rev. Black- 
nail to the reception of Chapel Grove for membership, at this 
moment much strife and confusion were "nipped in the bud"' 
by a noble move of the Moderator who ordered all parties 
connected with the presentation of said church for membership 
to retire and settle their difficulties. The Moderator's Annual 
Address was read by Bro. M. Brewer. The address was highly 
commented upon by the Brethren and ordered to be printed 
in the next Minutes of the Association. The ministers now 
paid their annual fees also a few Bro, Deacons. Prof. Leveston 
was here given time to present the needs of the Theological 
Department of Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C. defore begin- 
ning his speech: a few stanzas of "Close to Thee" was sweetly 
sung by the body and he then delivered us a remarkably fine 
address on the "Goodness and Trained Leadership" of the 

people at the conclusion of which lie was given a collection of 
$14.56 afterwards raised to $20.00, he kindly gave us thanks 
for the same. Rev. Blacknall arose and made a statement that 
he and the committee on New Churches were reconciled on 
some of their differences, a final decission they would reach 
later. The minutes of the previous afternoon session now 
stood approved. Benediction by Rev. Blacknall. 

WEDNESDAY — Afternoon Session. 

The Association reassembled at 3:40 p. m, Devotionals 
by Revs. J. B. Maddrey, and Wm. Turner. After singing hymn 
702. Rev. Turner read 9 veres of the 8th chapter of Paul's 
letter to the Romans, and led in player "Long Ago" was sung, 
the minutes of the forenoon were read and approved. Rev. 
M. P. Sweatt, was introduced to the body he brought us greet- 
ings from the Neuse River Association, he said good things for 
us, wished us well and God speed and paid his money which 
proved he meant what he said. Prof. Creecy made his Annual 
report, (See report ) supported by a slrong speech as usual and 
concluded with a collection of $ 18.75. The committee on ex- 
amination presented the Revs. P. A. Bishop and J. B. Maddry 
worthy candidates for ordination. The report was received 
and adopted. Benediction by Rev. Sills. 

THURSDAY— Morning Session. 

The Association met at 9:45 a m. Devotionals conducted 
by Revs. F. \V. Jacobs and J. B. Maddrey. Rev. Maddrey 
lined hymn 371 which was sung by the Association. Rev. 
Jacobs read 14th. verses of the 6th, chapter of Galatians, it was 
followed by prayer by Rev. Maddrey. Second hymn sung. I 
believe on the Lord." The minutes of the previous afternoon 
session were read and approved. The Moderator gently ad- 
monished the brethren on preaching obedience and not pract- 
icing it. Rev. Mingie thought there should be a committee 
appointed to look up and do something with these ministers 
who do not hold prayers in their own families, and are doing 
more harm than good. The committees on Sunday School and 
Time and Place offered their reports which were received with 
the exception of Time and Place being changed, time Wednes- 
day instead of Tuesday. Place, First Baptist, Rich Square, 
instead of Nebo, with these corrections the reports were adop- 
ed. A motion prevailed that churches of the association be 
requested to send up $25.00 to the Emancipation celebration 
at Rich Square Academy to be used towards the errection of 
the building of said school. A motion was offered to accept 

Rev. Blackmail's plea to make his report at the Board Meeting 
The Rev. Blacknall made a very impressive talk on the christ- 
ian training of our children and related many sacrifices he has 
made for the good of his people, he was given a collection of 
$12.25. Rev. J. S. Sills was at the head of a plan to erect a 
new building on the site of the Rich Square Institute ami 
secured in pledges for the same to the amount of $161.00. Rev. 
Sommerville spoke a few minutes in the interest of his paper, 
"The Vigil." In his Ordination Sermon he selected 2nd verse 
of the 13th chapter of acts, he was assisted by Rev. W. Haith- 

Rev. Sommervill's sermon was an uplift and inspiring to 
the young men seeking ordination. The committee on Educa- 
tion and Temperance submitted their reports. The report on 
temperance caused some discussion on the clause relating to 
tobacco, it was discussed that many other things equally obnox- 
ious and unrighteous besides tobacco and snuff, went unnotic- 
ed, but it was finally decided to put down everything that was 
a sin, the reports were adopted. The ordination of the brethren 
was successfully preformed by Rev. Sills and others. 

The committee on finance submitted their report which was 
received and adopted. "Blest be the tie that hinds" was sung 
and general hand shaking ended the thirteenth session of the 
Bculah Association. 

Pursuant to order the Executive Board met with Second 
Baptist Church, Potecasi, Monday after the third Sunday in 
Nov. '15. All of the ministerial force was present except Revs. 
Woodard, Sills, Thomas and Zollicoffer. After the devotional 
exercises conducted by Rev. L. J. Outlaw the Moderator an- 
nounced we were ready to complete the unfinished husiness of 
the Association. The following named ministers and deacons 
paid their Association fee: P. A. Bishop, G. Magett, R. Boon, 
B. Langford, Rev. Bryant paid SI. 00 for '14, Rev. Blacknall 
paid for '14-'15. M. Paul represented through her pastor 
Rev. K. E. Grant, $2.50; collection, $2.00: total collection $9.85 
Rev. Blacknall gave some interesting details of the State Con- 
vention among which were the plans laid for the consolidation 
of the different conventions on the 12th day of January, 1916. 
He urged a messenger from the rural locality to look after our 
interest. The Pastor of Piney Grove Church stated they were 
not willing to accept the Union at the time set. The following 
resolution was adopted. Be it resolved that every minister 
belonging to this Association shall pay an annual fee to help 
foster the work of the same, ordained ministers $1.50 licensed 
ministers $1.00 Any minister failing to pay said fee, his name 
shall not appear on the ministerial list, when he pays up back 


fee, his name may appear on said list, unless otherwise ex- 
cused. Gave to Rev. Creecy $2.50; to Rev. Blacknall $2.50 to 
delegates to State Convention $2.00; to church sexton 50c: to 
Secretary $1.85 put in Treasurer 50c, Total $9.85. Sung 
Doxology. Benediction by Rev. T. 0. Bryant, subject to the 
call of Moderator Rev. K. S. Jacobs. 

F. E. Robinson, Rec. Sec. 



We your Committee on Arrangements beg to submit the low- 
ing: Meet at 9:30 a. m.; adjourn at 12:30 p. m.: re-assemble at 
2 p. hi; and adjourn at 4 p. rri. 

0. S. Arlington. B. J. Ramsay. 
A. Powell. Tonie Powell. 

W. Shoulars, Rev. K. S. Jacobs. 

Com mi I tee. 


We your committee on Sunday Schools beg leave to make 
the following report: Whereas the Sunday School is the source 
from which come much light and knowledge of the Bible. 
Resolved that we as Baptists will do all we can to uplift Sun- 
day School work for training our children religiously. Therefore 
be it resolved that the Sunday School see to it first, they obtain 
the very best teacher 2nd. that they select among them, the 
best for superintendents. 3rd that the churches ordain no 
deacon, call no pastor who takes no part in Sunday School 
work. Be it Resolved that any deacon who fails to attend the S. 
S. or praver meeting shall be expelled from the deacon board. 
H. Boon, Junius Joe, W. B. Rook, 

M. W. Johnson. W. M. Turner. Com. 


We vour committee on intemperance beg leave to report. 
Whereas intemperance is a great hindrance to the intellectaal. 
moral and spiritual welfare of our people, therefore be it resol- 
ved that we will do all in our power to suppress its influence 
and we do resolve further to condemn its influence among us 
as Christians, that we resolve further in speech and dress and 
in all of our actions, and whereas cigarettes is so great an evil 
among our young boys, that we will as church and Sunday 
School leaders do all in our power to condemn the use of 
tobacco and snuff as well as intoxicated wines and liquors. 

L. J. Dav. E. B. Boon. 

W. J. Easom. 1.. E. Gaings, Com. 


We your committee on education beg to submit the following 
report. Whereas the time has come when we as a people must 
aise up in behalf of the great need of our bovs and girls, mora— 
ally, religiously and especially educationally. Be it therefore 


resolved that all pastors who have the interest of their flock at 
heart, or who feel in any way, anv responsibility for himself or 
any one else that they use every conceivable means in seeing 
that collections be taken at least three times a year and sent to 
the principals of the schools while in session, and the churches 
donating for such be recited for same and encouched in the 
general report each school year, and that each individual feel 
it incumbent upon him or herself to make of themselves com- 
mittees of the whole in using all there power and influence to 
help^foster the great cause of education throughout this land 
and country. 

Prof. W. S. Creecy. Rev. T. 0. Bryant, 
Rev. J. B. Maddrey. Rev. J. W. Blacknall. 
\V. M. Brewer, Committee. 


We your community on new churches beg to submit the 
following: that Chapel Grove Baptist church presents itself to 
us for membership. We have carefully examined the organizing 
council and find that the church was organized in Gospel order 
and recommend the church to be received in full fellowship. 

L. J. Day: P. A. Bishop. 

H. Worrell. Committee. 


We your committee on examination beg to make the follow- 
ing report. We have examined brethren P. A. Bishop and J. B. 
Maddrey and find them worthy and therefore recommend them 

Revs. C. T. Vaughan, H. Boon, 

M. J. Johnson, W. H, Jackson, 

W. H. Haithcock, Committee. 


We your committee on Officers beg to make the following 
report: For Moderator. Rev. K. S. Jacobs, For Vice-Moderator, 
Rev. J. W. Blacknall, Rec. Secretary, F. E. Robinson, Cor. 
Secretary, W. T. Garress, Historian, Rev. P. A. Bishop, Treas- 
urer, B. W. Langlord, Executive Board: Dr. W. T. H. Wood- 
aid, Rev. K. S. Jacobs, Rev. J. W. Blacknall. Rev. P. A. Bishop, 
Rev. W. S. Creecv, Rev. J. S. Sills, Rev. N. H. Harrison. Rev. 
G. W. Thomas. Rev. K. E. Grant. Rev. M. N. Zollicoffer, Rev. 
T. 0. Bryant, B. W. Langford, F. E. Robinson. 

M. N. Zollicoffer, K. E. Grant, Wm. Beaver, 
A. Odom, G. W. Thomas, Wm. Drewer, 

M, D. Durham. Committee. 


State Convention $ 8.50 

Orphan Asylum 4.10 

Foreign Mission 1.45 

Garysburg High School 28.15 

Rich Square Institute 126.80 

Finance Committee 6.00 

Moderator 6.00 

Recording Secretary 5.00 

Corresponding Secretary 3.00 

Postage___ ' _ _ 1.39 

Sexton 2.00 

Balance due on ? 14 minutes 3.00 

Programs 3.25 

Compiling and Distributing Minutes 10.00 

Rev. J. J. Leveston 2001 

Rev. C. C. Somerville__ ._ __ _ 4.15 

Church 3.00 

Historian • 2.00 

Collected at Unions 181.80 

Rich Square Institute Report ._ 1653.14 

In Treasury . 26.76 

Board Meeting 9.35 

G rand Total Receipts $2 108.85 


Baptized 267. Received bv Letter 25. Dismissed by Letter 22, 
Expelled 33, Deaths 44, Restored 32, No. Males 1734, No^ 
Females 2585, Total 4319, No. Sunday School Scholars 857, 
No. Churches 19. All churches reported except 1st Baptist 


We your committee on Time and Place make the fol[owing 
report: We recommend that the next session of this Association 
be held with the First Baptist Church, Rich Square, beginning 
Wednesday after the first Sunday in October 1916. To preach 
the intrductory, Rev. P. A. Bishop, alternate. Rev. C. T. Vaug. 

H. World, H. Manley, 

L. Powell. L. Plummer, Com. 



To the Pastors and Messengers of the Beulah Baptist Associ- 
ation, — Greeting: 

My dear Pastors and Messengers: 

Permit me to submit to you what custom has deman- 
ed my annual address to this Association. I am delighted lo 
greet you in this the Thirteenth Annual Session of our Asso- 
ciation, and express my sincere appreciation for the honor you 
have lavished upon me as Moderator of this honored body of 
christian workers. I feel that I am under a great obligation to 
you, and it is impossible for me to find words to express the 
gratitude that is conceived in my heart, for the respect and 
confidence you have shown me these few years you have 
honored me to preside over this grand body, and to look after 
your denominational interest in this section of the state. 

In a humble manner I have always tried to discharged my 
duty in every position small or great that it pleased my people 
to honor me to. I must confess that I have not been perfect 
in striving to transact the business you have trusted to me, but 
by the help of Him who rules the Universe and the movement 
of every plannet, I have striven to discharge my duty to the 
extent of my ability, and should you discover a mistake on my 
part, I beg that you charge it to the head and not to the heart, 
for brethren it is my hearts desire to do all in my power to 
promote the kingdom of God and the edifying of humanity. 

Brethren we have achieved much during these 13 years. 
But we should not congratulate ourselves on our achievements 
rather measure our achievements by our opportunities and go 
to God with our heart filled with gratitude for the achievement 
He has permited us to obtain. 


We as ministers should plead guilty in that none of us have 
done all we could in establishing Christs Kingdom in the hearts 
of men and fostering ol humanity. Do the ministers recognize 
this or do they really look on the churches as a means of getting 
a living, and collect all the funds for there own selfish income. 
If only that then their work is a failure. The minister who 
gets his salary only out of the church is like the cashier who 
takes all the deposits out of the Bank for his salary. 

Brethren hear me, no man should be allowed to pastor in 
our bounds who is not loyal to the needy and worthy causes 
for which the Association stands. 



We should do more for this needy cause, each church in the 
hounds of this Association should adopt the one cent 
system, that is to collect one cent per week for Foreign Mission. 
All money raised goes directly to Africa but 18 per cent which 
is retained lor home expenses by Dr. Alexander. 


We should pay more attention to our schools, for they need 
your loyal support. Brethren I am interested in all our schools, 
even more attention should be given to our Rural Schools and 
see that the best teachers as can be obtained be employed to 
teach our Rural Schools. Garysburg High School claims our 
attention and I am sure that it needs all the funds it can pos- 
sibly get for its maintenance. Our own Rich Square Institute 
in which I am deeply interested needs your careful considera- 
tion and support, we own at Rich Square $25,000 worth of 
school property, no other Association of our size controls so 
much school property. One is less than a man who will rise 
up and speak against our own school, it doesent matter what 
objection he may have of it. it should be remembered that it is 
our own Institution and we should defend it in adversary as 
well as in prosperity. 

We are striving hard to erect the new building that lias been 
in question for sometime, God has enabled us to lav the foun- 
dation, and I earnestly recommend that we immediately for- 
mulate some plan to complete the erection of the building. 
For our student body demands it. our public assembling at the 
Institution calls for it and the prestage and rank our school has 
acquired among simular Institutions says that we must have it, 
and God and humanity are depending upon you to erect it. 

At the last session of our Association I recommended ami 
you approved of it that our large churches bring $25.00 and 
smaller churches $10.00 to this setting of the Association. I 
trust that you have done all in you power to carry out that re- 
quest, and if any of the churches have failed, I humbly ask 
that vou do all you can to bring the remainder of that amount 
to the annual meeting of the Trustee Board. January 1st. 19164 

Brethren it is not enough for us to pav our money to our 
Institution, but we should send our children there and keep 
them there until they have finished the course that our honor- 
ed Prof. Creecy has arranged for them, then open up positions 
in our own countv for them, in order to keep them in our 
bounds, for they are the future men and women of our Asso- 


eiation. and God knows lhat we need more men and women in 
our bounds who have the work of our county at heart, and who 
are willing to sacrifice time, money and brain tor the edifying 
of the objects of our own Association. 

Now Brother Ministers as I am about to close permit me to 
say to vou let us strive to live right, honor God in our lives 
and stand together for God and for humanity, live the life, it 
dosen't matter how insignificant you may be, God will always 
own the right, you may be spoken light of, but fear not, for 
from the darkest hour dawns the bright light of the future, for 
God in his own time and that time is speedily coming when he 
will bring up sons of Beulah that will rise and shine in spite of 
all the forces of hell. In the name of God stand together. 
Rally for our schools, stav on bended knees and God will make 
it plain some day. 

Your Humble Servant. 




Askew, C. S. __. Conway. N. C. 

Barham, D. I. Pleasant Hill, " 

Bishop, J. E. _ __ Rich Square, " 

Banks, J. R. ._ __. Suffolk, Va. 

Edwards, T. H. Potecasi, N. C. 

Grant, Alex. Rehoboth, •' 

Harding, Jos. Jackson, " 

Hardy, James 

Jacobs. Isham _ Rich Square, " 

Parker, A. J. _ - Pendleton, " 

Sykes, E. A._,____ Suffolk, Va. 

Whittaker, B. W. _ Rich Square, N. C. 

Wood. Henry Suffolk, Va. 


Armstrong, L. A- Suffolk, Va. 

Alston, 0. B. Jackson, N. C. 

Boon, A. __ _ __ _____ Franklin, Va. 

Boon. H. Suffolk, " 

Boon, E. Bryantown. N. C. 

Blacknall, J. VV. Garysburg, " 

Bryant, T. 0. .. Windsor, " 

Bishop, P. A..__ Rich Square, " 

Clements, C. C. Littleton, " 

Creecy, W. S. Rich Square, •' 

Grant, K. E. . Lasker, " 

Grant. Junius Woodland, " 

Goins: L. S. Jackson. il 

Harrisons, N. H. Potecasi. " 

Holloman, J. S. L. .Winton, " 

Haithcock, W. H. Garysburg. " 

lvey, A. W. Littleton, " 

Jacobs, F. W. Lasker, " 

Jacobs, K. D. Rich Square, " 

Jacobs, K. S. Rich Square, " 

Joyner, J. J. Woodland, " 

Johnson, M. Jackson. '' 

Moses, P. ____ _____ Rehoboth. " 

Million, E. Suffolk, Va. 

Maddrey, J, B. . Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mingie, W. C. . . Macon, N. C. 

Sills, J. S. Ahoskie, " 

Sprewer, I. Murtreesboro, " 


Shape, Thos. ____ Cofield, N. C. 

Shepherd, L. Jackson, " 

Thomas, G. W. Jackson, " 

Turner. W. M, Jackson, " 

Twisley, L. Suffolk, Va. 

Vaugnan, C. T. _ Murfreesboro, N. C. 

Vincent, Wiley Suffolk: Va. 

Woodard, W. T. H. Durham, N. C. 

Walden, R. I. Henderson, " 

Wilkins, W. H. Suffolk. Va. 

Zollicoffer, M. N. . Thelma, N. C. 


T. H. Edwards, Jno. B. Maddry, T..0. Bryant, W. S. Creecy. 
K. E. Grant, L. S. Goings, N. H. Harrison. K. S. Jacobs. K. 
Branch, P. Moses, J. S. Sills, E. Boon. G. W. Thomas, W. M. 
Turner, Alex Grant, A. J. Parker, Thomas Sharpe. F. W. Jacobs, 
M. A. Swett, H. Boon, B. W. Whitaket and Obom, A. Drew, 
W. S. Wilkins, K. D. Jacobs, A. B. Manlev, D. I. Barham, P, 
A. Bishop. G. Magette, R. Boon, J. W. Blacknall Bro. G. Lang, 


Article ] . This Association shall be known as the Beulah 
Baptist Missonary Association. 

Art. 2. The object oi this Association shall be (a) To ad- 
vance the cause of christ among men. ( b ) To advocate peace 
and unity among the churches ( c) To encourage Home Mission 
(d ) To promote ministerial education (e) To aid in maintain- 
ing Rich Square Institute and Garysburg High School. 

Art. 3. This Association shall be composed of ministers 
from the churches connected with it- Each cnurch shall have 
a right to send two delegates who must be in good standing 
and fellowswip in the churches which they represent. All 
ordained ministers doing pastoral work in the bounds of this 
Association shall be considered as members. 

Art. 5. The delegate from each church shall present a let- 
ter stating the condition of the church, and amount of money 
sent for each special object, certifying the election and naming 
the deligate. 

Art. 6. Officers of this Association shall be a Moderator, 
Vice-Modeator, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, 
Treasurer and Historian, all of whom shall be at each annual 
meeting, and shall hold their offices a term of one year from 


date of election or until their successors are elected or install- 

Art. 7. Duties of Officers — The Moderator shall preside 
during the deliberations ol the Association, shall preserve order. 
vote in case of a tie, decide questions of order, sign all orders 
for disbursements of money, and perform all duties devolving 
upon such office. 

Art. 7 The Vice-Moderator shall assume all duties of the 
Moderator in his absence. 

Art 8. The Recording Secretary shall record all the proceed- 
ings of each session, sign all orders legal drawn on the Treasu- 
rer, compile the minutes for publication and distribute the same 
when printed among the churches. Moreover he shall keep a 
true account of all money deposited into, and paid out of the 

Art. 9. The Corresponding Secretary shall keep correspon- 
dence with other Association, religious societes and persons 
respecting the object of this Association, keep a list of the oi- 
dained ministers and render a written report to each annual 

Art. 10 The Treasure shall receive and hold all funds 
coming into this Association and disburse same upon presenta- 
tion oi orders signed by the Moderator and Secretary of this 
bodv. lie shall report annually to the Assocition die condition 
of the treasurer and shall be held responsible for all money 
placed in iiis hands. 

Art. 11. Any Missionary Baptist Church may become a 
member of this Association by representing a petition at any 
annual meeting through delegates and if admitted shall pay an 
initiation fee of $2.00 when so received the Moderator shall 
extend the right hand of fellowship to the delegates. The As- 
sociation will not maintain fellowship with any church that 
fails to adhere to gospel principle. 

12. There shall be an Executive Board of seven whose 
duty it shall be to supervise the work of the Association be- 
tween meetings and to disburse the surplus funds for the pro- 
motion ot the objects of this Association. 

Art. 13. This Association shall hold its sessions annnallv at 
such times and place as it may deem expedient, and mav in- 
vite visiting brethren to seats and grant them all the privileges 
of a legal Member, except voting. 

Art. 14. Each applicant before being ordained to the gos- 
pel ministry shall pass a thorough examination on the following 
branches of study, spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, geog- 


raphy, grammar, the life of Christ and the apostle?, church 
history church government ami Hihle interpretations. A failure 
to average 80 per cent will forbid ordinantion. 

Art. 15. This constitution mav be amended at any usual 
session by a two-thirds vote of all the members present. 


Section I. This bodv shall convene annual at the time and 
place of appointment. 

Sec. 2. During each annual session it shall meet and ad- 
journ from day to day at the hour fixed by the body. 

Sec. 3. All meetings of this body shall be opened and closed 
by religious exercises. 

Sec. 1. A majority of the members present shall constitute 
a quorum for the transaction of business. 

Sec. 5. No member shall absent himself temporarily without 
leave of the Moderator or finally withowt leave of the body. 


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